Historic Eatery Crowned Washington's Best Chinese Restaurant

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There are plenty of reasons to love Chinese cuisine. Who can resist the exciting bites of dim sum, savory noodles like chow mein, or satisfying soups that'll melt your troubles away? That's just scratching the surface of the countless dishes you can indulge in. Even better are the thousands of restaurants ready to serve familiar faves and specialized dishes.

LoveFood identified every state's most highly-rated restaurant based on user reviews, accolades, and first-hand experiences. The list includes all sorts of eateries, including fine-dining spots, hole-in-the-wall establishments, dumpling joints, and much more.

According to the website, Washington State's top Chinese restaurant is Tai Tung Restaurant! Writers detailed what makes this historic spot a must-visit:

"When a restaurant’s fans have included Bruce Lee, you pretty much know it’s going to be good. Tai Tung, Seattle’s oldest Chinese restaurant, was founded in 1935 and even has a Bruce Lee Booth, where the actor apparently liked to sit while eating beef with oyster sauce and garlic shrimp. Today people still love the food, including potstickers, flavorsome fried chicken wings, and sweet and sour pork ribs."

You can find this restaurant at 655 S King St. in Seattle.

Want to add more beloved Chinese eateries to your bucket list? Check out the full roundup on lovefood.com.

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