TCU Coach Delivers Powerful Message About Consent To Players In Viral Video

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Texas Christian University strength coach Kaz Kazadi has gone viral after delivering a powerful speech to his football players about consent and sexual harassment.

On Saturday (March 25), Eron Hodges, director of recruiting and defensive analyst at TCU, took to Instagram to post Kazadi addressing the topic with his players, per People.

"You're with the young lady. She has to consent to every act," Kazadi said in his speech. "So if you were in the car with her and something went down in the car, that does not mean that something has to go down at the apartment. If y'all do something in the car, that does not mean something else has to happen."

"That next day, you cannot assume that it is okay to send a d--- pic or something like that," he continued. "She has every right to turn around and press charges against you."

Kazadi advised the team to treat women as if they were "your little sister or mother."

"Yes, sir," the TCU players responded.

The comment section applauded Kazadi for his lesson on consent.

"Yes yes yes! This is a great example of utilizing the moment," one sports coach wrote.

"His guys are always locked in, whether he's actively yelling/moving at practice in Coach mode or calmly speaking to them man-to-man in mentor mode. A+ Coach!" another social media user remarked.

Kazadi started working at TCU in December 2021 following stints at SMU, Arkansas State, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Kansas City Chiefs.

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